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Understanding Dual Eligible Medicare/Medicaid Plans for Individuals with IDDs

Navigating healthcare costs and coverage can be daunting, especially for caregivers of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDDs). Fortunately, Medicaid/Medicare dual eligible health plans provide comprehensive coverage tailored to meet complex medical needs, offering a seamless healthcare experience that combines the benefits of both Medicare and Medicaid.

What Are Medicaid and Medicare Dual Eligible Health Plans?

Medicaid and Medicare dual eligible health plans, specifically known as Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs), are designed to serve individuals who meet the criteria of eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. These plans aim to simplify the coordination of benefits between the two programs, ensuring beneficiaries receive all entitled services without the hassle of navigating two separate systems. 

D-SNPs cover all Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) services, as well as Medicare Part D (prescription drug) benefits. Importantly, these plans often include additional benefits tailored to meet the specific health needs of the population they serve, such as care coordination, transportation to medical appointments, and enhanced prescription drug coverage.

Who Is Eligible For Medicare and Medicaid?

People who qualify for D-SNPs typically include:

  • Individuals aged 65 and over who meet the income and asset criteria for Medicaid

  • Low-income individuals

  • Individuals with certain medical conditions and healthcare requirements

People with IDDs often qualify for D-SNPs due to their long-term medical needs and financial eligibility, as Medicaid eligibility can be based on disability status and income levels set by each state.

Other Things to Know About Dual Eligible Health Plans

  • Integrated care. D-SNPs facilitate a higher level of coordinated care, crucial for individuals with IDDs who often require services from a wide range of healthcare providers.

  • State variability. The availability and specific benefits of D-SNPs can vary significantly depending on the state, as states have different rules governing Medicaid eligibility and services.

  • Specialized services. Many D-SNPs offer access to a network of healthcare providers experienced in dealing with complex conditions associated with IDDs, and may include special facilities or programs designed to cater to specific disabilities.

  • Eligibility reviews. Beneficiaries of D-SNPs undergo periodic eligibility reviews to ensure they still meet the dual eligibility criteria. These reviews help maintain alignment between the provided services and the beneficiaries’ current needs.

Navigate Life Better With Progressive Lifestyles

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