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Time to Double Down

I sent the message below to our employees last week. I know you'll all join me in lifting them up and supporting them as they provide care for those most in need.

Dear Friends,

In recent days, Michigan has hit a record high for COVID-19 cases with over 2000 positive tests, even higher than our previous daily record back in April. Throughout this crisis, I have been absolutely blown away every day by the effort and sacrifices that you all have made in order to try to keep the people we support safe and healthy throughout this public health emergency. I also know that every time our community starts to think we’re getting the upper hand on this infection, the virus seems to just surge back even harder. This most recent rise in case numbers means that it is time to for us to stand up and prove that we’re not giving in and we’re not giving up. There are lots of ways to reduce the risk of transmission as well as improve the chances of recovering safely if an infection happens. None of the strategies is fool proof but each one helps a little bit so that together they make a big impact. It’s time to fight back and it is going to take everything we’ve got.

Trust me, I know that I’m asking you to give even more when you might be feeling like you’re starting to reach the end of your reserves. This season of our lives has been the strangest and hardest that many of us have ever faced. Each person is running their own personal super marathon but the good news is that we can almost see the finish line in the distance. As vaccines are being developed and treatments for the virus are starting to show some promise, we must hold on to the hope that relief is just over the next hill. Now, more than ever, our community and the people we support are counting on us to finish strong in this race even though this last stretch may be hardest yet.



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