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The Many Benefits of Jobs With Casual Dress Codes

Ever wish you could work in your weekend outfits? You can if you seek out jobs with casual dress codes, which are becoming increasingly common in the wake of the pandemic. Although you probably aspire to a work life free of button-down shirts and ties for comfort reasons, there are many other good motives to avoid wearing business clothes. Here are a few of them. Casual attire is:

  • Comfortable. Let’s start with the obvious problem with traditional office wear: it’s uncomfortable. The fabrics in most slacks, blazers, button-down shirts, and skirts aren’t very flexible, making it difficult to move in any way other than standing or sitting. Choosing a job with a casual dress code can not only make you feel more like your “real self,” but allow you to move far more freely, comfortably, and efficiently.

  • Less prone to mishaps. It’s no secret that office wear can cause workers unnecessary stress: it’s incredibly prone to mishaps for all genders. Button-down shirts wrinkle easily and untuck themselves; ties get caught in machines and dunked in food and beverages; skirts shift the wrong way in every possible direction. These distracting risks are all but eliminated when your job allows you to wear more foolproof pieces like chinos, jeans, polo shirts, knitwear, and the like.

  • Less expensive. High-quality business wear is typically more expensive than casual wear for all genders, and as a separate wardrobe by definition, it can really eat into your paycheck. Conversely, low-end options can be significantly less functional and attractive. Jobs with casual dress codes allow you to wear many of the less expensive clothes you already own and love, which means your “weekend wardrobe” can do double duty.

  • More equitable. Although it’s not discussed much, women’s office wear is also significantly more expensive and less functional than men’s, as is getting it dry cleaned. Given that as of 2022, American women were paid only 82 cents for every dollar men made, “gender-taxed” office wear exacerbates existing gender wage and wealth gaps. If you identify as a non-male, you can improve some aspects of gender inequity in your life by choosing a job with a casual dress code.

Enjoy a Casual Dress Code With Progressive Lifestyles

Progressive Lifestyles, Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative support services for people with disabilities. Our mission is to provide supportive and caring residential opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Oakland County, Michigan. Our direct care roles will help you develop hot job skills that will jumpstart your career!

A primary focus of our organization is to interact with the individuals we support through the “Culture of Gentleness” model. We seek to create a positive environment to help them feel safe and valued while maximizing praise, limiting demands, maintaining consistent structure, and reducing stress during transitions.

We are hiring! No experience? No worries! You bring a warm heart and we'll teach you how to be a fantastic caregiver plus give you skills that you can use to further your career. Apply now!



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