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Getting back on her feet

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Our beautiful friend Paige, who lives at Progressive Lifestyles' Mill Street home in Milford, Michigan took an unfortunate step on a flight of stairs last fall that left her unable to walk for months.

Overnight, she went from a very independent young woman who loved to hike and socialize to wheelchair-bound and in need of a much higher level of support with even the simplest of everyday activities. Despite the considerable pain, Paige never lost her sunny smile or adventurous spirit.

The Mill Street house manager, Kasie, and her committed team did an incredible job caring for Paige. They focused on helping her to maximize her independence while allowing her broken bones to stay immobile enough to heal well.

Paige's medical team stated that they were certain the attentive care she received at Mill Street shortened Paige's recovery time significantly and improved her overall outcomes.

Jason, the Progressive Lifestyles' Facilities Manager, dropped everything and custom-built a set of ramps for the home. so that Paige could recover at Mill Street with her housemates and caregivers, instead of a skilled nursing or rehab facility.

This extra effort allowed Paige to recover at Mill Street with her housemates and caregivers, instead of a skilled nursing or rehab facility.

Paige's injury caused her to be unable to attend her usual school programming so her classmates came for a socially distanced visit via the school bus! It meant the world to Paige that her friends and faculty at school had gone to the trouble of organizing it.

It was a long road, but with the help and support of her friends, family, and caregivers, Paige has made an incredible recovery and is back to living the good life once again.

To celebrate, Kasie planned the trip of a lifetime for Paige to visit Disneyland in California and meet up with someone special.

When their plane landed at LAX, Paige was overcome with joy to give a long overdue hug to her brother, Shea, who she hadn't seen in person in years.

Paige could barely contain her excitement to see him again.

Along with Kasie's daughter, Addison, and long-time Progressive Lifestyles rock star and manager, Brenda, the reunited brother-sister duo had the time of their lives!

Thanks to the kindness and caring of her caregivers, friends, and brother as well as the Disability Access Services at Disneyland, Paige had an absolutely amazing visit and is already thinking about her next adventure!

We're pretty sure this smile says it all!



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