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5 Fun Winter Activities for Adults Who Have IDDs

No matter where you live, the colder months offer plenty of things to do for families with adult children who have IDDs. Here are some winter activities to try with your loved one:

  1. Play in the snow. If you live in a part of the US that gets at least a few inches of snow in the winter, making snow angels or snowmen is one of the simplest fun outdoor winter activities you can do. Get creative and make less traditional snow figures, like abstract shapes and mythological creatures. If you live in a more temperate region, find a recipe for a white mixture that you can use to build “snow” sculptures indoors.

  1. Make a cozy indoor fort. Construct an indoor fort using sheets, towels, blankets, cushions, and other soft materials. Be sure to make it large enough that your adult family member can comfortably fit inside and do things like read, snack, play games on a mobile device, draw, or color. The fort can also double as a quiet place to recover if they become agitated or overwhelmed during other activities.

  1. Enjoy some winter sensory activities. The outdoor cold isn’t the only way to awaken the senses. If you’re staying indoors, try out a winter-themed sensory bin (a bin filled with many small objects of various sizes, colors, and textures). You can also make slime-style concoctions, such as a “fluffy snow” goo. For an even more festive touch, add glitter or sprinkles and other small decorative objects.

  1. Try adaptive skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. Today, there are many kinds of adaptive snow equipment that allow individuals with physical disabilities or IDDs to enjoy winter sports. Check to see if any outdoor recreation destinations in your area offer therapeutic or adaptive options.

  1. Set up an obstacle course. Obstacle courses are a versatile form of fun because they can be simple or elaborate, small or large, and indoors or outdoors. Choose a safe place to set one up and think outside the box with obstacle types and rules. Consider sections that require the player to go over, under, or through. Don’t forget that you can always designate some areas as “lava” that can’t be touched.

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