2021 Year End Giving

Give the Gift of Gratitude
Help us thank our amazing caregivers for their love and service

Dear Friends,


Our goal for the future is to continue to build on the organization’s rich history of creating and sustaining homes that are deeply rooted in a Culture of Gentleness.  This road is not always an easy one, especially in the face of inadequate public funding and continuing staffing shortages, but we know that together we must keep moving forward. The challenges are significant but the stakes have never been higher. The individuals that we serve are among the populations most negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, both with regard to poor health outcomes as well as loss of independence and mobility. The single most important tool that we have to maximize quality of life for the individuals that we support is ensuring that our caregivers truly understand how much we value them and their efforts. 

 It is my sincere hope that you will decide to continue to walk with us on this shared journey by lending your support to our Annual Year End Appeal. These funds are used to provide a small thank-you bonus to our hardworking and dedicated team members to help show them how much their love and compassion mean to the individuals we support and their families.

With sincere gratitude,

Jennifer Bohne

Executive Director, CEO